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HWC S02E03: LHC and the Grid - The world is our calculator

Air date: 
7 February, 2013

With around 25 Petabytes (25 million Gigabytes) of data generated per year from CERN's Large Hadron Collider, global computing is the only way to store, distribute and analyse this mountain of information. The world is our calculator! In this Hangout, IT experts from CERN and the LHC experiments answer questions on the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) project - a global collaboration of more than 170 computing centres in 36 countries. What happens to the data when it leaves the LHC? How does this global calculator work?

HWC S02E02: Mouse and Mammoth Questions

Air date: 
31 January, 2013

Last week's hangout "Mouse smashes mammoth" showed the whys and hows of smashing mice (protons) with mammoths (lead ions), plus unexpected results from the +ALICE Experiment. In this session, accelerator experts and physicists from +CMS Experiment, +ATLAS Experiment as well as ALICE answered your questions about this LHC run that goes beyond the design specifications of the machine. What did they expect to see? What have they seen so far?

HWC #7: How cool?! (for deSTEMber)

Air date: 
13 December, 2012

In this special #deSTEMber Hangout, we visited - quite literally - one of the "coolest" parts of CERN. In the CERN cryogenics laboratory, experts work with liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to cool CERN equipment to temperatures as low as -271°C (about -456°F or 2.15 Kelvin). This temperature is even colder than outer space! In this hangout, our experts performed hands-on experiments to show the weird and wonderful world of liquid nitrogen, and explain why we need to keep parts of CERN so cold.

HWC #6: Hot Stuff

Air date: 
6 December, 2012

This Hangout took us well into the past, as we delved into the very early Universe. The LHC can recreate these early-Universe conditions in the lab by colliding heavy ions together. But why do we collide these different particle species? What is in store for the heavy-ion collisions after the end-of-year break? What is this mysterious quark-gluon plasma? Experts from the LHC's heavy-ion specialist, +ALICE Experiment, answered your questions about these and many more related topics!


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